Why Us


Smart Classrooms

Modern educational trends are rapidly moving away from the traditional “chalk and talk” methods of education to more interactive, progressive outcomes-based education. No longer are learners expected to sit passively and absorb information while the teacher drones on in the front of the classroom. Instead they are encouraged to discover things on their own. The premise is that we learn better from personal discovery than from passive listening.

Child Friendly Infrastructure

The school structure is made child friendly consciously, imbibing the essentials for grooming the child mentally and physically with a scientific approach. The school nestles amidst a beautiful lush green environment, maintaining a school structure of Ground +1. This is not only aiming at safety of the child, but also developing the school structure which is designed as per Vastu Shastra norms

Computer Labs

Information and communication technologies have revolutionized the way we think and transact our day to day lives. Young people are fortunate that they are learning an growing up in a world where knowledge is the foundation as well as the most important building block for the future, while a well grounded education would equip our children a focused emphasis on learning information and communication technologies would give them confidence and skills to explore and analysis in an effective manner.